Research & Discovery


Aggregate, curate and streamline digital content delivery across systems, via collaborative workspaces.


Convert research content into social, game-like tools to collaborate with peers in live workspaces.


Connect research where employees and students actively engage in work and training.

Content itself is not the key issue; discovering and engaging with it is. Volute aggregates your enterprise systems or academic libraries into a centralized, streamlined search. With the touch of a button, research content is transformed into interactive, game-like tools.

Bring Research Content to Life

Streamline your research and transform content into interactive, game-like, social tools.

Collaborate via Live Workspaces

Create research teams and communities to collaborate via live workspaces.

Plugin to Existing Platforms

Plugin your research workspaces where users actively engage in work and learning.

Lara Heberlein
Design & Learning Innovations
We've struggled with platforms having standalone functions, when ideally, we needed an ecosystem of options that connect and enhance each other.