The Workflow Ecosystem 

Virtualize your workflows to curate, collaborate

& learn in the flow of work.


Rapidly create visual, interactive workflows to organize and optimize work.

Curate & Collaborate

Curate content into virtual workspaces to share valuable resources.


Learning is injected directly into the workflow, never miss a beat.

Volute transforms traditional ways of thinking, working and learning into virtualized, game-like flows to improve performance on the job and boost overall efficiency and client engagement.

Curate Content

Find what you need, when you need it across systems, teams and products.

Collaborate via Virtual Workspaces

Teams work and learn together using interactive tools in collaborative virtual workspaces.

Work & Learn Simultaneously

Learn skills in the flow of work with productivity tools built into the workflow.


Streamline Engagement Across Devices

Tools work across browsers, no herding apps or downloads to manage.

Evergreen Engagement Options

Top organizations continually publish new productivity tools to Volute's Ecosystem.