Volute’s New OPM Model Helps Business Schools Capture More Corporate Market Share

By: Michael Croft

Image of two young businessmen using touchpad at meeting

Volute has primarily benefited its clients by serving as an authoring tool that allows learning designers to create visually-appealing, experiential programs. These programs are made of interactive, digital learning tools contributed to our ecosystem by a community of thought leaders. Tools assemble rapidly and foster design thinking.

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Navigating OPM (Online Program Management) with Volute’s Platform-less Approach

By: Victoria Antonelli

The online program management (OPM) movement is going through a transformation. OPM providers, such as 2U and Pearson, emerged about a decade ago to help schools develop and migrate programs online. A university will typically enter a 7 to 10-year all-inclusive contract with an OPM provider, and in exchange for service, OPM providers receive anywhere from 30 to 80 percent of each student’s tuition within the said program. (Lieberman, 2017) Although this is still the most common practice, fee-for-service options are becoming more attractive to universities.

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