Anatomy of a Tool

Tool Features:

Tool Header Features:

     Edit Tool’s Display Name:

Your tool will always have a default display name.  Select the edit icon in the top left of the tool’s header to change the tool’s display name.

Notification Badges:

Get visual notifications when a tool has an update.  Select the badge to dismiss the notification.

Tool Footer Features:

Launch Full Screen:

Bring focus to your tool by selecting the launch full screen icon in the tool’s footer.  This will transition your tool to full screen mode.

Exit Full Screen:

Select the exit full screen icon to return to your workspace of tools.

Delete the tool:

Delete the tool and it’s content from the workspace.


Download the tool’s content.


Send and receive comments regarding the content of the tool.

Launch Tutorial:

Launch the tutorial to learn about the tool’s features in a given view.

Manage Content and Features:

Select the manage icon to launch to the manage view of the tool.  You can then manage the tool’s content, configurations and feature access for the learning space.

Note:  you must be a facilitator of the learning space to manage tool features.

Managing your tool:

Managing content:

Version Information:

Select the info icon to view version information for the tool.

Add Content:

Select the add icon to add new content to the tool.

Re-order Content:

Drag and drop content in a list using the re-order icon to set desired order.

Edit Content:

Select the edit icon to add new content to the tool.

Delete Content:

Select the delete icon to remove content within the tool.


Managing Feature Access:

Enable Feature Access:

Check to enable feature access for a user role for the learning space.

Disable Feature Access:

Uncheck to disable feature access for a user role for the learning space.