Volute System Requirements

Browser Requirements:

Volute is accessible from your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

For security and performance use the latest version of Chrome (best option), Safari, Microsoft Edge or Firefox.

Tablet and Mobile Devices:

Volute supports recent versions of Android operating systems using Google Chrome (version 59+) and iOS operating systems using Safari (version 10+).

On tablet, Volute is displayed in responsive mode, allowing a better viewing area of all tools in the learning space.

When using a mobile device, the user will see the tools in an learning space represented as icons, which can then be launched into full screen mobile view with a touch friendly experience.


Launch Volute Quickly from your home screen

iOS – Using iPad or iPhone: 

Launch Volute Sign In using Safari.

Tap the export icon in the footer of your mobile menu.

Tap the add icon.

Enter a name and select Add.




Android tablet or smartphone: 

Launch Volute Sign In using Chrome.

Tap the more menu in the top right.

Tap the Add to Home screen.

Enter a name and select Add.